You can use this Channel to quickly and easily report any situation or behaviour that constitutes a potential or actual breach of both the external and internal rules of the Group, which constitute a criminal offence, or an administrative or labour breach.

Reports must be submitted through this Channel in accordance with criteria which promote truthfulness, responsibility, proportionality and good faith, while communication of any false information is prohibited. Use of the Channel for purposes other than to ensure and guarantee compliance with the internal rules of the Coral Homes Group and the legislation in force is prohibited.

However, anyone who, in good faith and on the basis of reasonable evidence, uses this Channel shall have the due protection guarantee pursuant to the legislation in force, and shall be protected from any type of retaliation, discrimination, disciplinary measure or penalization resulting from the reports made.

In order to file your report, you may choose the option of submitting it anonymously, without having to provide any kind of information by which you may be identified. Nonetheless, we encourage you to identify yourself in order that more information can be obtained on the events reported. In any case, Coral Homes Group shall guarantee the utmost confidentiality of your identity and of any communications that you may make through the secure communication Mailbox.

Furthermore, you may access the Regulation of this Channel, where you can look up more information on (i) the use of the Channel and the essential principles by means of which the management of the Channel is governed; (ii) the conditions that must be fulfilled for the submission, processing and settlement of the reports; and (iii) the flow of tasks and responsibilities related to the management of this Channel.